November 25, 2012

Missing the sales

With no Thanksgiving the last Thursday in November, there is no Black Friday; or Small Business Saturday; or Cyber Monday.  I'm missing the sales and all the emails that have been bombarding my inbox about the great deals are just taunting me!  Not to mention shopping in Sydney is very expensive.  I was going to grab some mascara the other day and it was $27.95 for Loreal! yikes!   
In the mean time, I will be making a long wish list for when we get home and looking forward to the Paris Soldes in January. Oui!

New pajamas in a fun pattern
Glitter ballets since I regretted not getting a pair last year
Cozy sweaters are not needed in Bondi, but I can't help wanting one and adding lots of bangles
On the other hand, I do really need some new sunnies
Mascara that doesn't cost a fortune will wait until I get home. or Paris maybe?
A little chocolate with peppermint. Yum!
Are matching sweaters for me and my tiny girl too much?  hmmm...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a wonderful dinner with a few family members and am glad to report everything turned out great!  Turkey and pumpkin pie were a hit and we had very few leftovers!

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