November 6, 2012


First, to put many of you at ease, we have made it here...

but we have lots to recap from the previous weeks and will fill you in on our first few days in Sydney!  Its been fun!

Visiting KC was great.  We enjoyed catching up with many friends and family and were a bit sad that it will be so long before we see everyone again.  Being away gives a great new perspective and appreciation for being home and that is a good thing.  We were able to attend one of our favorite events, Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk, and other than it being so much fun and having lots of kids activities, the biggest thrill for the kids has to be the shirts.  They get plenty of wear and we are in desperate need of a new one by the time the walk comes around again.

Every picture with vampire teeth, of course!

While editing pictures in Picasa, I noticed this pencil sketch effect.  Looks great on this photo of Juliet

We were back to LA for less than a week and soaked up as much as we could before our flight Halloween night. 

The flight to Sydney was long but the kids were Rockstars!  Lots of candy and electronic devices do wanders ;)

Sydney is great.  Our first morning was a fun adventure as we had serious jetlag and were up at 3am!  We finally had breakfast at 6am when we found a cafe that had just opened and then we watched a cruise ship dock in Circular Quay.  The kids enjoyed it. 

Our first early morning in Sydney

We've already attended a beautiful wedding and reception (I'll post about that next) and have had invites to visit cousins on the south coast of Australia where kangaroos run wild on the beach,
a trip to visit cousins in the Czech Republic!!!  and an invite to attend a wedding in the south of France.

Needless to say, we are having a fabulous adventure.

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