January 30, 2012

Coffee Break

I am enjoying a little break today at my favorite local coffee house.  Medium latte.  In a mug.
Whole milk? yes, please! 


January 9, 2012

Winter White

What a Winter season it has been so far.  No snow to speak of in our area. Or any other area as I've heard.  Where's the snow?  I do hope we see just a little before Winter's end.  It is beautiful.
In the meantime, here is my version of Winter White.

And I finally did it!  I joined the masses and upgraded to the iPhone. In white. Loving it so far!

{images via Pinterest}

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year


I have never been one to keep a journal of any kind.  This year I would like to start.  I'm sure it will be small thoughts and inspirations from the day.  Simple enough.  My kids say the most clever things and I would love to captures these memories forever.  Time seems to go by so fast these days and I want to remind myself to live in the present.  Enjoy every day.  Capture these sweet memories for they only last a moment.