August 31, 2012

Disney Day

We did it!  It was a fun day at Disney with great friends...thanks for meeting us there you guys!
We were on the move so much, and getting the kids to sit still was nearly impossible, so pictures are few and a little fuzzy, but there are a few keepers...

August 27, 2012

Fun in Photos

Its been an amazing week discovering our neighborhood and the surrounding area.  I think our location is pretty ideal!  There are so many hidden parks and trails we have been to.  Only one park close to our house we have hit more than once.  Pool days and beach walks are nearly every day... it's a tough place to like :)

Dylan's Candy Bar

We visited a popular shopping area - The Grove - and saw Kyle ?? from Dancing with the Stars.  I'm not sure what else he is on, but they were wearing shirts and throwing them out, so I snapped a photo.

Its been a fun week and this week is even bigger!  We are going to Disneyland with friends - So Fun!!!

August 21, 2012

The first 48 hours...

We have made it to our first destination and overall had a very smooth trip.  Flights on time, children behaved and all luggage accounted for.  The kids are thrilled to be here - giggling, singing and playing the piano in the new house.
Its an easy place to like.  We were at the beach just hours after we arrived and spent the evening there again today.  The weather is perfect and the scenery is gorgeous.

Some things I learned on this trip
1. Always book a private car or shuttle to and from the airport.  I thought I had done this on both departure and arrival, but apparently I did not confirm this for LA.  Although the trip wasn't too long, the extra 20 minutes in a van with other people, and children that have been on an airplane for several hours, is not ideal.
2. Curb check is your friend.  Its worth the tip to pull up to the curb, point to the mound of luggage that is falling out of the car and let them take care of it.  They tag your bags, print your boarding passes and you're done! No lines. Easy.
3. On the same note, let the guy at the baggage claim with the giant cart take your luggage to the car when he offers.  Again, the tip is well worth it and probably the same if we had paid for the redi carts to push ourselves.
4. Southwest Airlines. Ugh is an understatement. Unfortunately we have flown them several times lately because of their increased # of direct flights,  but I dread it.  God forbid you don't pay for early check in and try to get seats with your travel companions (the poor young couple who got on last).  I just don't get it.  GIVE ME AN ASSIGNED SEAT.
5. $54 for breakfast is just too much - lets not go there again :)
6. Always drive up the hill when going out and about - even if Google maps tells you otherwise.  If you go down the hill to the PCH, you can only turn right (and needed to go left) and it takes 20 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic at 11am to get turned around and back to your starting point.
Lesson learned.