March 3, 2013

Lost and Found

I lost my iphone today.  Aaarghhh!  Only a few more days in Paris and its gone.  I am going to say I lost my iphone because, honestly, I'm not sure if it fell out or I was pickpocketed?  Either way it is gone and I am pretty certain I will never see it again.  We were at the bus stop and I had just been taking pictures of the kids playing.  We got on a crowded bus and when I emptied my pockets at home it wasn't there.  Luckily there isn't much on it that I can not recover.  My photos from this week's girls trip to London is one of those things - girls, I need you to send me all your photos!

It is not the first thing we have lost.  We'll have to add it to the long list we have left behind on our travels...
*Baby blanket that never made it to Sydney (he was fine, his momma may have shed some tears)
*Power Ranger motorcycle bought on a special day out
*Pink mittens never made it home from Shakespeare's bookstore
*electric razor left in LA
*hockey stick confiscated at the airport
*one black leather glove lost in a park

I am sure there's more I've forgotten.  We are not home yet, so our fingers are crossed we don't need to add to this list before we arrive.  If you know anyone that has a spare iphone hanging around, I'm in the market for one ;)

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