January 21, 2013

Paris Parks

Parks in Paris are great and they always seem to pop up just when we need one.  Funny how kids are So tired and their legs hurt from too much walking (2 blocks) until you happen upon a park ;) Miraculously they are cured and have energy to play for hours.  Even in the cold!
Here are a few photos of the parks where the kids have played so far.  We haven't even been to some of the best Paris parks yet.  

Carousels are also everywhere and in nearly every park.  Most of them are beautiful and vintage.  My favorite so far is this little green one.  There is a man that pushes it to start and then he turns a crank to keep it going! So neat!  All the while, the kids each get a lance and use it to hit a target and collect gold rings every time around (we didn't catch on until near the end).  Did I mention this is in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower!?!  

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